Our training teaches us that there can be dozens of risk factors that can influence behavior.  We work to reduce or prevent risk factors that lead to bad decisions; that's why we call ourselves the Manhattan Area, Risk Prevention Coalition.


We have also been trained to work with Seven Comprehensive Strategies in order to be most effective with our resources.  Many of our members work in professional organizations that specialize in some way of helping; MARPC is a way that all of the individual programs can find ways to work together in order to be most effective.




  • Provide Information
  • Provide Support
  • Change the Physical Design of the Environment
  • Enhance Access / Reduce Barriers
  • Change Rules & Policies
  • Change Consequences & Incentives
  • Build Skills

How Do We Reduce

Youth Substance Abuse?



Substance abuse can be voluntary or involuntary

Our Mission:  To reduce risky behaviors through prevention education, community collaboration and other Drug-Free Community or similarly evidence-based strategies.

MARPC   Manhattan Area Risk Prevention Coalition

1221 Thurston | Manhattan, KS  66502 | (785) 539-8763