Our main job is to:


  1. Increase Community Collaboration.
    Build capacity, infrastructure and collaboration in the Manhattan area community in order to sustain effective substance abuse prevention strategies.  Want to know more?

  2. Reduce Youth Substance Abuse.
    Delay the onset of substance use, including underage drinking, and reduce the progression of substance abuse and related problems.  Want to know more?



Are we doing our job well?


We have several metrics that we track in order to measure our effectiveness, including many that are required by our grants.  We also are evaluated each year by at least one independent agency - so we know we have made progress!  But we are fighting a really big battle and we will do better every time we get more help.  Want to know more?

What Does MARPC Do?



MARPC helps professionals and volunteers who are interested in substance abuse issues.

Our Mission:  To reduce risky behaviors through prevention education, community collaboration and other Drug-Free Community or similarly evidence-based strategies.

MARPC   Manhattan Area Risk Prevention Coalition

1221 Thurston | Manhattan, KS  66502 | (785) 539-8763